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Smith Library: Research Project Resources

Resources for the WCUI and Smith Chason Los Angeles, Ontario and Phoenix campuses.

Important Documents

Additional Presentation Resources:Presentation - Free of Charge Creative Commons Handwriting image
Presentation Tools, Tips and Techniques
- 8 Key Points for Perfect Presentation Practice
- Tips and Best Practices for Presenting Online

1 - (free subscription available)
2 - or Brainfuse (real-time, proofreading tutor sessions available through your public library account which is accessible via a free e-card - see Other Library Databases below for more information).

GeneralResearch - Free of Charge Creative Commons Handwriting image

  • Pick a topic that you feel passionate about - this will drive your desire to want to learn more about it.
  • All resources used must be within the last five years so your research is recent.
  • Check 'Peer-Reviewed' - these articles have been reviewed by other experts in the field.

                                                  Articles  |  Books  |  Websites  |  Other Library Databases

For research support, contact your librarian at

Other Library Databases

Other Library Databases - Get online access 24/7 with a library card:  

The Southern California Library Cooperative includes Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Santa Monica and pretty much every public library system in LA proper (each of the library systems requires a separate cards).Database - Free of Charge Creative Commons Notepad 1 image

Los Angeles
- After getting a Los Angeles Public Library card, you can access Gale OneFile: Nursing and Allied Health or Health and Medicine at
- After getting a library card from the Los Angeles County Public Library (86 branches), go to:

Get for a library card in person from the City of Ontario Library, you can access ProQuest at
- City of San Bernardino (Four branches), visit

- After getting a library card from Phoneix Public Library, go to
- Get a library card from Maricopa County District Library and go to to access to Academic OneFile.
- After getting a library card from Chandler Public Library, go to at

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Internet Research Process

  • Look at the author's credentials for legitimacy of the source (usually under About Us). Can you verify information from other resources or a government site?
  •  What is the copyright date? (scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the date next to the © symbol)
  • Is the depth and breadth of the information coverage adequate?
  • How biased is the information?
  • Sensible decisions are grounded in fact and not influenced by fear, unrelated beliefs, unwarranted enthusiasm, or knee-jerk emotional reactions (Hoffman & LaBonte, 2012).
  • Look for: Currency, Reliability, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose (CSUC Method)
  • Integrating Credible Sources in College Writing: Summary, synthesis, and analysis of sources, with easy-to-follow examples that compare and contrast these three styles of writing (BYU).

Articles from Journals (67)

Journals look like magazines. They are also called periodicals because they are published 'periodically' :

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Books/E-Books (26)

Use your textbook - it counts as a resource and you have the most current edition published.

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Finding Relevant Material

Websites (91)

Support your topic with associated statistics: age, race, rural/urban, household size, income, education, etc. (available at

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