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Smith Library: Nursing

Resources for the WCUI and Smith Chason Los Angeles, Ontario and Phoenix campuses.

Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing Encyclopedias

Medical Spanish

Medical Terminology

Nursing Ethics

Pharmacology and Drug eReference

Drugs, Herbs and Substances: Based on data from the Society of Health System Pharmacists.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) - Rx Information: Prescription drug information.


Nursing Flash Cards: See bottom of this page for interactive cards.

Smith Library Contact Information

Online support: Carla, Librarian -

OT onsite support - Karen, Facilities Manager

LA onsite support - Carla, librarian

PH onsite support - Receptionists

Vocational Nursing Topics

Term 1: 
1. Hand Washing: How to execute the proper handwashing technique.

2. Vital Signs: How to perform correct vital signs' measurements (i.e., blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, temperature, and pain assessment).

3. Physical Assessment: How to perform a proper head-to-toe assessment.

Term 2:  
1. Aseptic Technique: How to maintain a sterile technique during a nursing procedure.

2. Therapeutic Communication: How to communicate using the verbal and non-verbal therapeutic technique.

3. Specimen Collection: How to collect proper specimens, e.g., urine specimen, stool specimen, wound culture, etc.

Term 3:
1. Diabetes Mellitus: Foot care-How to maintain proper foot care (i.e., foot care with diabetic patients).

2. Respiratory Care: Asthma patients: How to care for patients with asthma (i.e., patient teaching) to:

  • Asthmatic patients.
  • Seizure Disorders: How to care for the patient during seizure disorders and after the event of seizure (i.e., patient teachings with the patient and family members).

Term 4:
1. Antepartum: Patient teaching about diet, caloric intake increases, and medications to take during pregnancy.

2. Postpartum: Patient teaching about uterine subinvolution and the high risk of UTI.

3. Pediatric teaching about the schedule of immunizations.

Term 5:
1. Mental Health: How to care for patients with Schizophrenia (i.e., communication with auditory hallucinations and medications regimen).

2. Leadership: How to delegate tasks to other nurses and CNAs (i.e., include the five rights of delegations).

3. Advance Med-surge: How to care for a patient with a CVA or stroke (i.e., feeding patients, the ambulating patient).


Educational Videos

Professional Associations and Resources

Quantitative Data on Health Disparities and Pathologies

PICOT Search Made Easier

Lab Tests


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